Atletico Madrid star survives horrific car crash

How did anyone get out of this alive?

car crash 1

After suffering a very nasty car accident on Tuesday night, Atletico Madrid defender Mariano Pernía is lucky to be alive. The Spanish international was driving through the Buenos Aires province of Rauch with his daughter and nephew, when an incident left his car overturned and in a shockingly bad state.

car crash 2

Amazingly, all three survived the crash. Pernía – pictured above grappling with vile Blackburn striker El Hadji Diouf – is currently recovering in a Buenos Aires hospital after receiving a head trauma, a fractured spine and a punctured lung. His daughter and nephew were propelled out of the car at the point of impact, the former escaping with a fractured collarbone and the latter getting away without injury.

It’s not known how long Pernía will be recovering for, or whether he will play again.

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