Has Ashley Cole learnt NOTHING?

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While his pop star wife nipped out to look sensual with her band mates, Ashley Cole took it upon himself to launch headlong into yet another set of enormous social blunders.

Mistake Number One was going to Chinawhites on a Wednesday – that (along with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Friday and Monday) is the big “let’s get drunk and have sex” night at the exclusive wine bar. The wife would not be impressed, especially given the fact that her husband has a bad habit of fornicating with other women.

And Mistake Number Two was a hideous fashion blunder involving what might be a toothpick or a lollypop stick. Everyone knows that only a gangster or a cop who tore up the rule book can get away with something so daring and against the grain. Ashley just looks like a twit.

Spit it out Cole, you idiot!

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