Artur Boruc was given “a punishment from God”

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The Holy Goalie received his comeuppance, says Polish legend

Artur Boruc

We at The Spoiler were having trouble figuring out the reason for Artur Boruc’s massive howler against Northern Ireland at the weekend. Did he suffer a temporary rage blackout? Was he preoccupied by thoughts of T-shirts with hilariously offensive slogans on them?

Apparently not. This morning, legendary keeper and controversial pundit Jan Tomaszewski has cleared things up. The Pole – who was dubbed “The Man That Stopped England” after an outstanding performance in a World Cup qualifier in 1974 – says Boruc’s blunder was “a punishment from God”:

“Artur has no one to blame but himself. You could say he has had a punishment from God.

“He started a religious war in Glasgow and now it’s come back to haunt him. That is why he was under so much pressure in Belfast – as he is hated by most of the Protestant community.”

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