Arshavin demands wage hike to beat the taxman

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Russian advises compatriots to double check their contracts


As if Arsene Wenger didn’t have enough to worry about. Now the season is over Andrei Arshavin has finally got round to the business of opening his bank statements, which were possibly lost among the plates and Heineken bottles on his kitchen table, and he’s not happy with what he sees:

“I have a problem with my contract. Certain nuances emerged linked to taxation and some other things. As a result, I’m getting less money than I expected.“

Andrei’s main problem seems to be he’s just realized the rate of taxation in Blighty isn’t as comfortable as the 13% he’s used to in Russia.

“It’s not critical but I still need to put it right. My agent is now taking care of it. My advice to other Russian players who may move to England in the summer is to take contract matters more seriously.”

We like the slightly threatening tone of “my agent is taking care of it”. Surely during the player’s drawn out and convoluted transfer, which went for about a day longer than it officially should have, the small matter of taxation and take home pay would’ve been covered? Perhaps Andrei was too busy regaling them with his questionable thoughts on women drivers.

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