Arsene Wenger says teams should get extra points for scoring goals – is he right?

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The Professor’s proposals could revolutionise the beautiful game 


No one is disputing the fact that the Premier League is exciting, but there have been fewer goals this term (just 2.45 goals per game so far this season, compared to 2.64 in 2007/08).

Arsene Wenger
 – whose side have had more goalless draws than Cristiano Ronaldo had has hot prostitutes – believes a rule change should be introduced in order to reward teams who ripple the net more often. Speaking to the official Arsenal magazine, he said:

“I would like to see a scheme brought in where you get more points for scoring more goals.

“In France they experimented with something before. When you scored three goals, you got an extra point. It was not a good system because you didn’t care how many goals you conceded.

“A fairer system would be three points for a victory as now, then extra points for your positive goal difference.

“For example, if you win 6-3, you get three points for the win, plus three more for the goal difference, while the team that loses gets none.”

The proposals could be highly beneficial: fans would almost certainly see a lot more goals, and managers would be discouraged from using cynical defensive tactics on away trips.

However, awarding points for greater winning margins could also help to create a gulf between the bigger teams and the rest of the league. The only sides who tend to win by big margins are the Big Four, who would accelerate away from the rest of the pack if bonus points were dished out.

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