Arsenal buck the trend of lowering ticket prices by charging fans even more

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Gunners hit fans with extra costs


Earlier this week, PortsmouthSunderland and Manchester City helped fans struggling in the current economic crisis by announcing lower prices for forthcoming games. Today, Newcastle followed suit by announcing plans to slash season ticket prices, which should help bolster faltering attendances.

At a time when clubs are showing sensitivity to the financial plight of their fans, Arsenal – whose cheapest season ticket is £925 – have decided to lay some extra charges on their fans.

The north London side justify their high prices by including FA Cup and European Cup games on their season tickets, and next week’s match with Roma will be the seventh home cup game of 2008/09 (excluding the League Cup, which isn’t included in the deal). Those who assumed all non-League Cup home cup games were covered by their season tickets, however, are in for a wallet-bashing shock.

Spoiler reader had forwarded us an email that was circulated to members today, saying they will be automatically charged for the forthcoming FA Cup match with Burnley, and for any other applicable cup matches this season.

The club have actioned a clause buried deep in the terms and conditions, which says only seven Champions League and FA Cup games are covered on the season ticket. Seeing as Arsenal have played exactly seven home FA Cup and European Cup games for the past five seasons, this hidden charge has been met with surprise.

Season ticket holders have been told they must opt out if they do not wish to be charged. To make matters worse, they fail to mention how much tickets for the game actually cost, a detail they also omit from their official site.

Arsenal are perfectly within their rights to administer these charges, but in light of the economic downturn, the timing is pretty poor.

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