Arjen Robben injures himself whilst showing off

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Back heel… and oops! There goes that hamstring!


It can be terribly embarrassing when a trick goes wrong. Just ask the pretentious American illusionist David Blaine, who decided to wow Britain in 2003 by sitting around in a suspended glass box not eating for a month, only to find the nation not so much impressed, as just pelting him with eggs, old sausages, golf balls, and leftover teriyaki chicken. His crystal ball probably didn’t quite see that one coming.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to Arjen Robben – Holland’s magic man – who managed to bugger up his hamstring over the weekend, as a result of a showy-offy back heel spattering his face with egg, as his hamstring twanged, leaving him sweating over the World Cup.

At the time, Dutch boss Bert Van Marwijk said this:

It doesn’t look too good with Robben.”

But further reports suggest that the leg might just heal in time.

Although the humiliation will presumably live with him forever.

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