Aris bugger up Man City programme with wrong photo

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Stephen Ireland? Don’t be ridiculous…


That moment you realise you’ve done something irretrievably wrong is one of the most gut-wrenching, bottom-tightening moments imaginable. The Spoiler made a mistake once when we finished a sentence with a preposition. Thankfully it’s the only mistake we’ve ever made, but it was bloody horrible, like.

You’ve probably made a mistake once, yes? So imagine how much of a t*t the Aris programme editors must have felt when they let the above picture get into their publication for their game with Manchester City…

The picture was done by a man called Andy Smith – clearly a talented man with a lot of time on his hands – and entered for a very good Guardian competition.  The Aris mob googled a team photo of City and got their mitts on this one – complete with a Where’s Wally?-type character in the middle

However, perhaps the most incredible thing to emerge from the story is…

“The City delegation made it clear to their hosts they could see the funny side.”

Garry Cook is a right laugh – who’d have thunk?

If you’re one of those people who’s all retro and buys things like ‘vinyl’ or ‘newspapers’ and you’re unable to imagine what the picture looks like printed on ‘paper’ in the programme, you can buy one on eBay for a minimum of £35. Bargain.

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