Argentinean footballers wade in on the ’slit-eye gesture’ racism debate

So much insensitivity, so little time…


Spain’s Olympic basketball and tennis teams are no strangers to pulling offensive gestures for the camera, and Argentina’s ladies football team have now contributed to the International Athletes’ Photobook of ‘Slit-Eye’ Face-Pulling.

The picture above was published in Argentinean newspaper Ole two weeks ago, and was taken long before the Spanish decided to hamper their 2016 Olympic bid.

The world needn’t worry about any repeat incident from the Argentine ladies, however, as they lost every single one of their Olympic matches (including an opening defeat to the footballing powerhouse of Canada).

Spanish basketball team racism saga update: LA Lakers’ Spanish star Pau Gasol has written on his blog: ”I’m sorry if anybody thought or took it the wrong way and thought that it was offensive.” That’s right, the Spanish did nothing wrong and it’s your fault if you were offended.

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