Are the problems at Manchester City Craig Bellamy’s fault?

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Have underwhelming signings destabilised City’s huge plans?


Manchester City chief executive Garry Cook has huge plans for his club: he envisions a sky blue utopia, where folks all around the world will drive Manchester City cars to work after eating their delicious Manchester City morning cereals.

The plans for global domination, however, have taken a huge hit this week, as Kaka turned down the chance to align himself with the empire, and club linchpin Robinho has reportedly reportedly had enough of being the league’s best paid player.

When the fiesty Brazilian snubbed Chelsea at the eleventh hour on transfer deadline day, it was upon the understanding that Manchester City were to become the new Galacticos, attracting world class players, much like the one who belongs to Jesus. With his refusal to come to England and Robinho’s subsequent hissy fit, however, it seems Garry Cook is going to have to move mountains to stop his club becoming a worldwide laughing stock; a team with all the resources in the world, but no “pulling power” when it comes to bringing in top class talent.

Perhaps City’s lofty ambitions have been tainted by their signings in the current window – would Kaka want to team up with Craig Bellamy, a man whose £7.5m transfer fee to West Ham has nearly doubled after nine goals and 23 appearances in two seasons? And when all the big names in the world have been linked to the club, the only other to officially put pen to paper has beenWayne Bridge, another mid-level player with a grossly exaggerated fee. Are these the signings of a club who want to become Champions League regulars?

So, are City still on course to take over the world, or have the events of the past week completely diminished their credibility in the eyes of the world’s greatest players? Let us know what you think below…

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