Are England really the World’s second best side?

The England team, give or take the odd Upson, James, or Heskey

Just today, Liverpool’s crocked centre forward, Fernando Torres, said this (as reported in the Daily Mail):

“People say that Spain have the best starting XI in the world but when you look at England on paper, they have the second strongest XI in the world.”

A high compliment indeed, and few would argue that Spain on paper make for some pretty chilling reading. But England in second place?

The Spoiler would probably suggest that Argentina – with Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Milito, Mascherano, Cambiasso, Demichelis – look pretty strong, regardless of having a bonkers manager.

Or Brazil, with a spine consisting of Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Kaka, and Robinho. Not to mention Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Ivory Coast – all of whom look pretty strong on paper.

But who would YOUR second best team in the world be? And, more importantly, was Torres just being nice?

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