Andrei Arshavin loves the ladies, but not if they want to drive or smoke

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Who will rescue Arsenal star from 1950s time warp?


We all know that Russia is a modern oasis of culture, where misogyny, racism and drunken political violence are a thing of the past.* Despite this, some of its citizens do not hold particularly enlightened views on the world. In his bizarrely-titled book 555 Questions And Answers On Women, Money, Politics, FootballAndrei Arshavin states that women should not have driving licences:

“If I had it in my power to introduce a ban on women driving cars and to withdraw all their licences, I would do it without thinking twice.””In my opinion a woman and a man are two absolutely different creatures.”

Female football fans will also be delighted to hear that Arshavin thinks you should leave the cancer sticks alone. ”I dislike women who smoke – and lies,” he said in December. Well put, comrade.

Here’s some more Andrei/ Andrey/ Andriy facts that we learn from this morning’s Sun newspaper:

  • He was once hit by a car on the way to training, which sent him “ten metres into the air”. [Ten metres? How fast was the car going and how the hell did he survive?]
  • Arsahvin is obsessed with Football Manager, and likes to play it with English lower division sides.
  • He is afraid of the dark.
  • He is also afraid of water – not because of how deep it is, but “the creatures that are maybe hiding in it”.
  • He has a partner named Julia and a son Artyom. They are not married but he refers to her as his wife. Presumably, she doesn’t drive or smoke.
  • He has resisted the urge to buy a Range Rover Sport and instead drives a Mercedes GL class.

*Not true

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