Andrei Arshavin knows how to keep his wife in line

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Arsenal star bans his WAG from criticising England

Andrei Arshavin Wife

Andrei Arshavin’s childlike wife Julia didn’t get of to the best of starts on these shores, when she claimed English people were “too reserved”, the food was rubbish and the country was “dull”.

Since these indiscreet comments, the Arsenal star has transformed the nation’s opinion of his Russian WAG. Did he do this by posing for fun family photos in wardrobes? Did he mastermind the kind of PR charm offensive that transformed Cheryl Cole from a toilet attendant-punching racist to the nation’s sweetheart? Nope, he maintained his ‘traditional‘ view of women and demanded that she hush her gums:

“I’ve prohibited her from complaining about life in England. Since then, there have been no more criticisms.”

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