An interesting excerpt from Dennis Wise’s autobiography

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Newcastle executive is a stand-up guy, according to himself


In case you didn’t know, Dennis Wise – the chap who Alex Ferguson said “could start a fight in an empty house” – is a thoroughly upstanding citizen who is adored by fans across the nation for his refusal to acquiesce to demands of the the money men. That is, according to the jacket of his 1999 autobiography:

In an age when football is dominated by glamorous foreign players chasing multi-million-pound contracts from club to club, Dennis Wise represents the traditions of team loyalty, dogged determination and fighting spirit.

It is perhaps this, as well as his charmingly irascible nature, that makes Dennis – Wisey to his teammates and fans – such an enduringly popular player.

‘Enduringly popular’? Leicester, Leeds and Newcastle fans would probably disagree…

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