All ten bar staff at Manchester pub legally change their name to “Wayne Rooney”

Roon Army out in force this summer


Apart from the odd England tribute song, World Cup wackiness has been noticeably thin on the ground this year. However, yesterday brought news the nation’s ever-dependable bar staff are leading a late charge with some moniker-related hijinks.

Chris Hilditch, landlord of the Shakespeare Inn in Manchester, has convinced all of his bar staff to have their names changed to ‘Wayne Rooney’ by signing a legally binding deed poll. Being the boss, and probably having always wanted an lusty, exotic-sounding name, he’s opted for ‘Fabio Capello’:

Staff and the customers are all football mad at the pub and we just thought it would be wacky idea to name ourselves after the best player in the team and the manager.

The only trouble is when all the punters are chanting: Rooney, Rooney in the pub during a match, bar staff will be thinking the customers are talking to them. It might get a little confusing.

Hmm, more ‘unbearable’ than ‘confusing’, we would’ve thought. Even the owners of the pub chain are getting involved, with Managing Director Andy Wilkinson picking the short straw and changing his name to ‘Sepp Blatter’.

Wilkinson/Blatter is planning to roll out the idea at all ten of his branches. So if you work for a Clover Taverns pub, now might be a good time to hand in your notice.

[via Off the Post]

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