Alessandro Del Piero has spent all summer at the Berbatov School of Penalty Taking

Legendary Italian fluffs Peace Cup Final winner

Alessandro Del Piero

Despite sort of devaluing the idea of a ‘Peace’ Cup by contriving to have both a player and manager sent off during the tournament, Aston Villa beat Juventus on penalties to lift the trophy yesterday.

In a shootout played out in front of literally tens of people, both teams put in some suitably pre-season-esque shanks and mishits before Alessandro Del Piero stepped up for Juve’s match winning spotkick (forward to 5:40)

Channelling the spirit of Dimitar Berbatov’s limp-dicked penner against Everton in last year’s FA Cup Semis, the mercurial Italian playmaker took a menacing stuttered run-up before gently stroking the ball into Brad Guzan’s waiting arms. Clearly beyond caring by this point, the Bianconeri went on to lose after a rubbish fifth penalty from Nicola Legrottaglie.

To his credit, after the match Del Piero admirably tried to make out like he actually cared about losing football’s most girly pre-season cup, saying: “It is a sour loss. However, we have to use it in order to grow stronger.”

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