Adebayor says sorry, sort of

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Man City striker also offers mafia-esque warning


Hampered somewhat by his ex-captain showing off the battle scars he allegedly inflicted in Arsenal’s hot-tempered clash with Man City last Saturday, Emmanuel Adebayor is making a belated attempt to win some friends back.

In a exclusive ‘heart to heart’ with The Sun, Adebayor has asked fans to empathise with his decision to kick a former team-mate in the face and then run a full 90 yards to incite the mini riot which left a steward hospitalised.

Clutching a tear-soaked hanky, Ade told the paper:

‘People talk about us as being football players and the money we earn, but just because we are fortunate it does not mean we need to take abuse.

‘If you were to abuse a man in the street for over an hour he would react and it would be a worse reaction than a goal celebration!

‘There is only so much abuse a man can take until he reaches breaking point.

‘I was being abused by people who six months ago were singing my name and the abuse was for no reason.

One, two, three clues for you over here, Emmanuel. The Togolese forward ended the interview on a slightly menacing note, maybe forewarning more celebratory antics should Arsenal fans keep up the abuse. Perhaps he’ll do a dance as well next time?

‘I scored and I wanted to show people it is not a good idea to abuse me.

The Spoiler might be getting soft in its old age, but – unforgivable face-stamping aside – we think Emmanuel could have a (teensy weensy) point. The striker joins Becks, Jamie Carragher and Didier Drogba in a list of players who have recently been reprimanded for giving fans a taste of their own medicine. Was last Saturday another case of supporters dishing it out, but not being able to take it themselves?

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