9 pictures of Gordon Brown with famous footballers

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Including this one, with the hilarious Brazilian, Socrates

Gordon Brown in Brazil

Face it, it’s over for Gordon Brown. It was probably even over before he confronted that yapping “bigot” thanks to some pretty shoddy campaign work from his colleague, Sue. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t ever seem entirely convinced by his own words, and often looks so tense that were you to accidentally sneeze at the wrong moment, he’d come at you with a brick.

It’s been rather downheartening, watching a man come apart at the seams so easily. So, instead of focusing on the bad, why not remember the good times? The times when he met up with excellent footballers. You can find eight of these extremely happy memories after the jump…

The time Gordon Brown met David Beckham

Malaria No More UK charity launch

Ahh, what a days this was! Brown and Becksie outside the famous number 10, Brown waxing lyrical about the offside rule, Becksie wondering why Posh never told him that Tony Blair was Scottish. Great times.

The time Gordon Brown met Sol Campbell

Brown hosts racism ceremony

If two fragile hearts could ever come face to face, then this would be it. Sol Campbell. Gordon Brown. Photographs by Sammy Lee.

The time Gordon Brown met Steven Gerrard

Barclays' Spaces for Sport Initiative launch - Anfield Youth Club

Some people argue that politics are boring, man. But does Steven Gerrard look bored by politics in this picture? Granted, yes he does.

The time Gordon Brown met Greavsie

England's world cup winners honoured 43 years on

If the bigwigs who decide what goes on television ever consider remaking Saint and Greavsie, but with a political twist, might the above picture provide any inspiration?

The time Gordon Brown met Wayne Rooney

Soccer - World Cup 2018/2022 Bid Launch - Wembley Stadium

Two giants in their field meet. Wayne Rooney – third best player in the world. And Gordon Brown – third best politician on those television debates. Presumably Messi and Ronaldo were living it up with Cameron and Clegg that day.

The time Gordon Brown met Arsene Wenger

1Goal Campaign

With all of his grumbling, it’s easy to forget that Gordon Brown possesses a certain million dollar smile. He used it, above, to outshine Arsene Wenger at some football/politics event.

The time Gordon Brown met Henry Redknapp and Ledley King

2012 Olympics halfway point

In a football/politics reimagining of school parent’s evenings, Henry Redknapp thought it wise to introduce a shy Ledley King to Gordon Brown. But not once was there any eye contact on Ledley’s part. Not once.

The time Gordon Brown met Shilts and Keown

Communicating for Success launch

It’s not often that Gordon Brown would be considered the hot one in the group.

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