50 Cent set to make beautiful music with Ashley Cole

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50 Cent – Ashley’s shoulder to cry on


They say that whenever one door closes, a window opens. Or it might be the other way round. The window first, then the door. Either way, the point is that, in life, one humongous cock-punch can frequently lead to a surprisingly soft kiss on the mouth just when you least expect it.

Metaphorically speaking.

And today, the big news is that Ashley Cole has just been on the receiving end of a figurative smooch from the buxom street rapper, 50 Cent.

As he wrestles the various demons that have obliterated his personal life, the zippy defender looks set to put his woes behind him by channeling some of his frustration into hip hop. “Fiddy” said this (as reported in the Daily Mirror):

“Ashley’s passionate about his music. We actually wrote a song together.”

“We created an idea and it was used in a film. We’ll probably get together and have some fun. I’ve got his number.”

So might a Cheryl versus Ashley chart battle be in the offing?

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