5 good reasons why John Terry should die happy

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Turn that frown upside down


Regardless of his breezy persona, it seems that beneath the outward sunshine, JT is actually pensive and borderline-miserable. Why? Here’s why (as said on Chelsea TV):

“Until we win that trophy (The Champions League) I’m not going to die a happy man, that’s a fact.”

With that in mind, after the jump you’ll find five reasons for John Terry to be cheerful. Feel free to add your own in the comments section…

JT, you captained the England football team – yes, it all ended in disgrace, with allegations flying around about you smearing yourself all over Wayne Bridge’s ex. But come on. You captained England. For a bit. Before you were sacked.

You have a very patient wife – some women – by which we mean not all women, but most of them… definitely all of the ones that we’ve ever met – would have flounced off into the arms of the sisterhood, or sat at home alone drinking heavily and weeping along to “All By Myself”, but not Toni. No. She’s quite a gal.

John, you had a super injunction – for a while there, before it was lifted, and the Perroncel story came flooding out like a raging sex ocean, a judge had imposed a SUPER-injunction on that particularly dirty little secret. A SUPER-injunction, JT. Not just a boring normal one. A SUPER one. That makes you special. Like Superman.

You were on the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – now, how many other people can lay claim to that particular accolade? Well, to be precise, one. One other person. You were on the cover with the great Brazilian, Adriano. Two great role models, one computer game.

Hey, remember that time you rattled around on the floor against Slovenia? – Bobby Moore will always be remembered for that great tackle against Brazil, Gazza for his goal against Scotland. And you’re up there, JT. Mainly for that time when you were flapping around in the box like a man in a sleeping bag struggling to avoid a wasp. Great times.

Any more for any more?

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