12 footballers who look like famous women

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Including these guys…

12 footballers

Ever looked at a footballer and wondered where you might have seen him before? Perhaps this will help (after the jump). It comes courtesy of Betfair Football’s Dan Fitch, and you can see at least eight more here…

KD Lang AKA Tomas Rosicky

12 footballers1

Jeanette Winterson AKA Martin O’Neill

12 footballers2

Ailsa from Home and Away AKA Mark Hughes

12 footballers3

Martina Navratilova AKA Lucas Leiva

12 footballers4

Trisha Goddard AKA Ronaldinho

12 footballers5

Cameron Diaz AKA Roman Pavlyuchenko

12 footballers6

Blanche from Coronation Street AKA Arsene Wenger

12 footballers7

Condoleezza Rice AKA Robert Earnshaw

12 footballers8

Linda Blair AKA Jimmy Bullard

12 footballers9

Anne Robinson AKA Glenn Roeder

12 footballers10

Penelope Cruz AKA Alberto Aquilani

12 footballers11

Dot Cotton AKA Gary Neville

12 footballers12

Any more for any more?

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