10 rather famous celebrity football supporters

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Including this Jackie Stallone lookalike

Sylvester Stallone 1

You mightn’t think that football matches would appeal much to celebrities – with their home caterers, and really nice cars – but, actually, they do.

So much so that after the jump you’ll find a list of ten famous people who really enjoy footie. With photos to prove it…

Chris De Burgh, Liverpool

Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh owned the 1980s, thanks to his beautiful love song, Lady in Red – for a while, the classy choice if you were planning your first dance at a wedding. Famously a big Liverpool supporter, the song was released in 1986. Might it have been an ode to Anfield’s rather womanly long-haired Australian, Craig Johnstone?

Tom Hanks, Aston Villa

Tom Hanks

Very much a fair weather supporter, Tom Hanks – known for his light-hearted rom coms such as Sleepless In SeattleSplash, and Philadelphia – hasn’t actually been to a match. In fact, as far as anyone can tell, he just held the scarf once, solely because he liked the name Aston Villa. As a reason for supporting a team goes, it’s actually not that bad.

Dido, Arsenal


Ahh, Dido. Whatever happened to Dido? She had a soft singing voice like an embarrassed foghorn – or a deaf person – and no dinner party was complete without a little bit of Dido calming you down during your prawn cocktail starter. A great gal. And a very serious Arsenal supporter. So much so that she once said this:

“From age three, in 1974, my dad took me to Arsenal. He was religious about it and took me and my brother Rollo to every home game and to Tottenham away, just for a laugh.”

Hang on – naming his children Rollo and Dido? Taking them to Tottenham away? Someone call social services!

Sylvester Stallone, Everton

Sly Stallone

Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Sly Stallone turned up at Goodison Park just as his final Rocky film was hitting the big screen. In that one, Rocky, now 74, comes out of retirement to move slowly around the ring, punching pathetically at the air, before a teenager lands one right on his solar plexus, and he dies. Or something. Anyway, he hasn’t been back, but, for one day in 2007, the whole of Everton felt very honoured to have Rambo in their midst.

Liam Gallagher, Man City

Liam Gallagher

Make no mistake about it, Liam Gallagher is a tough guy. Yes, he does his weekly shop in Waitrose. Yes, he’s married to Thing Two from All Saints(sister of Thing One). Yes, he has made a living singing nonsense poems written by his sensitive brother. But scrape all of that away, and he’s a seething, tortured soul who likes to cause havoc at awards ceremonies, and occasionally attends Man City matches in a set of glamourous pop star shades. Salt of the earth, that Liam Gallagher. Do not cross him.

Damon Albarn, Chelsea

Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn is a very busy man, dividing his time between his popular indie band, Blur, his funny cartoon band, Gorillaz, his weird band, The Good, the Bad & the Queen, not to mention the various stage productions that he also manages to smear his greasy fingerprints all over. It’s an impressive work ethic, make no mistake about that – quite possibly inspired by that of his favourite football team, Chelsea.

Mick Hucknall, Man United

Mick Hucknall

Funnily enough, Mick Hucknall’s band Simply Red were supposed to be called Red, but when he explained the name to a club promoter, he insisted the name was “simply, Red” – then it stuck. The initial assumption was that the name was a knowing doff of the cap to the lead singers flamboyant hair colour, but a subsequent hunch suggests that it might actually be making reference to his favourite football team, Man United. They wear red. Simply red. And a bit of white.

Lily Allen, Fulham

Lily Allen

Most of you will know Lily Allen as the female version of The Streets, with her songs about normal things, like riding a bike, or drinking a cup of tea, or cruelly lambasting a boyfriend because his labido doesn’t quite match your fierce sexual hunger. But did you know that she also supports Fulham? Seriously, she does. To the point where she very nearly got in big trouble at a West Ham/Blackburn match for singing the wrong chants. A “source” said this (as once reported in The Sun):

“Lily and her bloke were absolutely smashed.”

“She was singing Fulham chants really loudly and her language was not suitable for a football match these days. Security took the incident very seriously.”

“She was warned she would be ejected from the ground if she didn’t calm down.”

John McCririck, Newcastle

John McCririck

Keen Diet Coke drinker John McCririck is basically the exact mirror image of every single topless Newcastle supporter that you can think of, only clothed, sporting absolutely gargantuan sideburns, and wearing plenty of bling. Whether his rather unruly attitude towards bosomy women would go down well with our cousins in the north is anyone’s guess. Although the popular guess would be: yes.

Ray Winstone, West Ham

Ray Winstone

It was actually Ray Winstone who was forced to endure the triple cringe of Lily Allen singing Fulham songs at his team’s ground – apparently she was there as a guest of his daughter, Jaime. A lifelong West Ham fan, Ray loves the team so much that he often puts on a lovely whistle and heads off to Upton Park, and he once even thought about buying a little bit of the club. But then changed his mind.

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