The 10 Most Magnificent Footballers/Pop Stars EVER!

Glenn and Chris – at their day jobs

Soccer - Canon League Division One - Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - White Hart Lane

It’s sometimes easy to forget that footballers are also human beings. Frighteningly gifted human beings, who can turn their hand to pretty much anything. Some ooze seamlessly into management or punditry, others open shops or decide to do office jobs.

And then there are those who are gifted with wonderful voices, or great dance skills. Blessed with music. You can enjoy a few of them after the jump…

Boli and Waddle, We’ve Got a Feeling

Of course, Chris was famous in England for being “the pretty one” in Glenn and Chris, but in the early 1990s he also had a stab a pop stardom over in France, with his new best bud – the Frenchman Basile Boli. Above is something quite catchy.

Vinnie Jones, Big Bad Leroy Brown

There’s an unspoken rule in journalism never to say anything remotely diminishing about Vinnie Jones – he has been known to bite chunks from people’s faces for daring to suggest that he is anything but brilliant. So, above is him showing the world that he can sing just as well as he acts.

Piola Vago (Carlos Tevez), El Pibe De Oro

Over in Argentina, Carlos Tevez isn’t just a magnificent footballer, he’s also something of a rock star. He’s one of the frontmen in the band, Piola Vago, who make very South American sounding music. Their biggest hit was called Lose Your Control, which most certainly does not apply to Carlos in footballing terms.

Andy Cole, Outstanding

Were they not trapped in a vicious circle of seething silences and dirty looks, Teddy Sheringham would surely have congratulated Andy Cole on a wonderful forray into the entertainment industry. This Gap Band rip off smashed into the charts at Number 68, and remained in the Top 75 for an entire week.

Kevin Keegan, Head over Heels in Love

It might be hard to picture, but back in the 1970s, old women in flowery dresses would literally stop scrubbing their front steps if talk turned to Kevin Keegan and his wonderful hair. So imagine how hysterical they became when he decided to unleash his beautiful singing voice on the world in 1979. Some of them even smiled slightly, before pulling themselves together, plunging a massive sponge into a bucket of soapy water, and going back to their jobs.

Ian Wright, Do the Right Thing

Fans of Live from Studio Five will already have been dazzled by Wrighty’s star wattage, but it’s nothing new. Back in 1993, he sent the underground football-pop world completely bananas with this Number 43 hit. The title is presumably some kind of play on words.

Glenn and Chris, Diamond Lights

You might think that David Beckham invented football metrosexuality with his various face creams and tight-fitting underpants, but actually Glenn and Chrisgot there first. See how their hair shines beneath the TOTP disco lights? That’s because they’ve used some womanly conditioner in it. Great forward thinking.

Ryan Babel, freestyle rap

Like Eminem in the film 8 Mile, Ryan’s rapping could really benefit from taking the trials and tribulations that he faces in day-to-day life, and using them to drive his rap music. “Yo yo, I’m havin’ a bad season/ Sittin’ on the bench… freezun’” for example…. You can have that one for free, Ryan.

Gazza, Fog on the Tyne

Yes, you might laugh knowingly at this “old fashioned” music, but back in 1990 this was a Number 2 hit record for Paul Gascoigne, and the various music scholars who made up the popular folk/rock band, Lindisfarne. The lyrics, unfortunately, are mainly gibberish.

Liverpool FC, Anfield Rap

Whilst football tends to divide the masses, music unites people. So much so that a nation made up of rival factions and football hooligans could still be found scurrying down to Woolworths on pocket money day to pick up a copy of this Liverpool anthem. It went straight to Number 3 in 1988.

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