10 beautiful, strong, independent, football women

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Unfortunately, Andy Gray and Richard Keys have managed to take gender relations back a good few years with their astonishing attack on female intelligence. So, in a bid to prove that some men can appreciate women as not only equals, but also superiors, The Spoiler has compiled a list of beautiful, strong, terrifying, and occasionally partially clothed women from the world of football.

You can admire these key members of the sisterhood after the jump…

Helen Chamberlain


If Keys and Gray fancy a tutorial on the offside rule, then Chamberlain should be their first port of call – a hunch suggests that what this woman doesn’t know about football possibly isn’t worth knowing. Once a Pontins bluecoat, now a Soccer Am staple, the only slight blemish on her magnificence comes from having once taken them out for Penthouse.

Kelly Dalglish


Kenny’s little boy, Paul, was once signed by Dalglish snr to play for Newcastle, but it’s his little girl, Kelly, who has really made a splash in football. With hair as fair and luxurious as a dove skin smoking jacket, she imparts bucket-loads of wisdom on ESPN. In the above picture, she’s moonlighting as a fashion model, bravely wearing an unfinished dress.

Gabby Logan


Something about Gabby Logan’s demeanour suggests that she’d either beat you in an arm wrestle or die trying. She’s one tough cookie. Rather ridiculously, pockets of society seem to be up in arms whenever she gets to anchor Match of the Day. And yet these same people are willing to tolerate Alan Shearer’s unbelievable stating of the obvious week in, week out…

Clare Tomlinson


The above picture has been deliberately selected to illustrate the old adage about behind every great man there being a great women. Spurs fan Clare has blazed the trail for strong independent women looking to mix it in the sausage factory of football by being the female equivalent of a Sky Sports anchorman. Plus she once had an affair with Bryan Robson, which proves that she also has a magnificent sense of humour.

Georgie Thompson


If it’s high achievers that really float your boat, then Georgie is probably the girl for you. To summarise: she lights up the screen on Sky Sports News, she was voted the number 93 in a sexiest women on the planet poll in 2007 by the gentleman’s bible, FHM, and she now boasts the Dec half of Ant n Dec as a trophy boyfriend. No, that isn’t him in the picture.

Sara Carbonero


Rumours of a rift in the Real Madrid dressing room came on the back of some comments made by Carbonero about Cristiano Ronaldo being a selfish little turd (or something). And as a barometer for the weight of her opinion in Spain, that suggests that it’s very heavy… or red hot… or strong… to be honest the “barometer” and “weight” metaphor is far too confusing for something so simple. Basically she’s good. And pretty.

Karen Brady


As strong and independent as strong, independent women get, Brady divides her time between shouting feminist slogans at dim-witted fools on The Apprentice, and adding a much-needed waft of expensive perfume to musty football boardrooms.

Kirsty Gallacher


Fans of the late 1990s will remember when Kirsty was by far the most beautiful person doing anything on Sky Sports News. She has since gone on to fashion herself as a sexy version of Jeremy Beadle – although the joke was on her one fateful evening when she decided to forsake any traditional underwear and everyone could just about make out her boobs. Ker-ringe!

Millie Code


Another one from the conveyor belt of hot Sky Sports News presenters, news was broken to Millie in 2009 that she was to be named The Sun newspaper’s Top TV Sports Babe. Presumably, the happy tears flowed like celebratory champagne in the Code household that day.

Larissa Riquelme


Granted, unlike the others, Larissa doesn’t have an actual job in football. And yet, she somehow managed to make this list…

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